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Mx5 wont start

Mazda uses three versions of keyless start systems, and so three are back up start options. We will show them in reverse order, newer versions first, as they are now used throughout the line.

The CX5 was the first model to use Style 3 and by all Mazda models use this method. Push the brake pedal, or the clutch pedal if you have a manual transmission. Remove the Start knob cover by pushing both release buttons and pulling the cover off exposing the key cylinder. Slide the auxiliary key out from the bottom of the advanced key see above and insert it into the cylinder. Turn the key to start the engine. For Style 1found in the Mazda3 including MazdaSpeed3 and Mazda6 prior toslide the auxiliary key out from the bottom of the advanced key see above.

Use the auxiliary key to remove the key slot cover located on the right side of the steering column. Depress the clutch manual or brake pedal automatic until the ring around the key slot starts flashing. Insert the auxiliary key into the slot while it is flashing, but do not turn the auxiliary key in the slot. Press the push button start to start the engine. Note: If you have made an attempt to start the vehicle without success, there may be residual pressure in the brake system and a new warning light may appear left or text message to Step on the Brake.

Press the brake pedal very, very hard when trying to start the vehicle again to be sure that the release switch behind the pedal is engaged. Check out this page for more! Made with by Graphene Themes.

mx5 wont start

Toggle search form. Toggle navigation DashboardSymbols. Second, you can find video help here! Related posts.There are many different issues that can cause the problem. This article is written with the assumption that you are looking for a way to get your Mazda Miata started now, and is meant to provide you with practical advice to help aid in the diagnosis.

There are really two main ways that a vehicle will not start. Just use the jump list below to move to your particular situation. But, there are less things to troubleshoot than if it were cranking but will not start.

Here are some of the most common issues that cause a vehicle to not crank:. While the battery cables are not necessarily the most likely issue to cause your Miata to not start, they are some of the easiest to diagnose. You can take a look at the battery poles where the cables connect. If there appears to be green or white corrosion all around it, cleaning them may help get you back on the road. If your battery no longer has enough charge to turn the starter, your Miata will not start.

You can take your battery up to the local parts store, or even Wal-Mart, and have it tested to see if it is still holding a charge. A bad alternator can cause your battery to lose enough charge to start your Miata. When a starter goes bad, they will usually not give you much warning first. Also, if you are stuck somewhere and are trying to start your Miata, the old beat the starter with a hammer trick is not a wives tale.

It really can get that one last start out of it. There are a lot of issues that can cause your Miata to crank, but not start. The engine needs air, fuel, and a spark in order to run. It is highly likely that if the engine is cranking, but not starting that it has thrown an OBDII code. It is definitely worth it to use an OBDII scanner to check and see if the engine has thrown any trouble codes.

These codes will tell you what the computer is saying is wrong with your engine. By looking them up on this site, or just Googling them in general will lead you to a detailed diagnosis of that code.

How to Start a Car That's Been Sitting for Years

Without the proper amount of fuel getting into the combustion chamber, the Miata will crank, but not start. One of the biggest issues that causes a vehicle to crank but not start is ignition issues.

When there is no spark, the engine will not start. Ignition issues can be caused by many things, including bad spark plugsbad coil packs, bad plug wires, computer issues, and more. The crankshaft sensor can go bad as well. When these sensors go bad, it can be impossible for your Miata to start.I have a 95 Its been really good to me up until last week. It'd been acting like it had weak juice, not wanting to start right away, especially if I ran the ac before I cut it off.

mx5 wont start

Last Friday I start it in the morning and after a few worrisome secounds it started up. After work, same thing I painted the valve cover not to long ago and ever since I put I back on my car won't start, also ever since then when I put the key in the ingnition it sounds like theirs air coming somewhere out of my motor or somewhere else. I have a Mazda After not driving it for a few days, I drove about 1.

When I tried to start my car, the engine would not "turn over. I tried about 5 times, then I left the Remember Me?

mx5 wont start hot!

Find questions to answer Find today's questions Find unanswered questions. Search Topics. Login Not a member? Join our community. Jun 12,AM. Hi, I have a MX-5 that won't start. It isn't driven for months at a time but garaged and has very low mileage on it.

Usually, I have to jumpstart it when I want to drive it and it works fine. This time, though, nothing.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Starting and Stalling Problems

I even put in a new battery and it still won't start. I have an Audio Vox aftermarket alarm installed came with the car when I bought it and I thought this might be the problem. I disconnected it under the steering column big black box with many wires. The car still won't start. In fact, it won't do anything no radio, interior lights.

A neighbor checked my fuses under the hood and said they were fine. He also checked the battery and said it was fine. Any other suggestions? Please help. TxGreaseMonkey Posts: 16, Reputation: Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 MX5 MK2. Hi there, I am new to this forum, after only recently purchasing this MX5.

However my first issue with it has come about and I have turned to the internet for help! The situation is: Sunday night after a weekend away I come home, and of course the first thing I do is fire up the MX5 just to check she is alright! However, It was not starting, I eventually get her going after jump starting it, however it did take 10 mins of charging just to get it to go.

I put the new Bosch battery back in and it does the same, the engine just keeps on turning over with plenty of power but it doesnt catch. It does occasionally fire up once but then the revs just cut out, as if there is no fuel.

I even try to jump start the new battery and all it does is make the starter motor turn over quicker and still doesnt get going. Also it intermittently doesnt crank at all and when you turn the key you get nothing. Update to today, all the car does is make a very fast clicking noise in the engine bay. I have bought a diagnostic reader however it doesnt seem to show any error codes, even though the engine and battery warning lights come on when you turn on the ignition.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am only a student and stupidly spent all my money on this car so have no money for garage fees! Can post videos of the symptoms if that would help. I am only a novice in this area! Alternatively if any kind people are out there in the surrey area and fancy giving me a hand I would be highly grateful!

Many thanks Edward MX5 2. Sounds like you may have flooded it trying the original dud battery, and now the new battery is low.

mx5 wont start

First things first, let it sit for a while, get the new battery in, then jump it. Hopefully it'll start and you can go for a long drive. Bin the original battery. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I have left it days in-between with the new battery trying to start it. Shanksy87 posts 74 months. Air, fuel, spark, compression. If you have these it will run so start the hunt for which is missing, make no assumptions until tested. Whilst you're debugging keep both battery's in the picture to avoid low voltage buggering up other things.

Ozone 2, posts months. Had similar to this recently with my step daughters 53 plate MX5, replaced the battery and it seemed ok for a couple of days. It's on the top of the engine at the back nearest the bulkhead. We did get a code P on the diagnostic box though so you may not have the same problem but it's a fairly cheap part to replace if you are stuck.

MX-5 Lazza 7, posts months. Has it been sat out in heavy rain? Particularly with the car pointing down a slope?

The clicking is the solenoid which is a sign of a very flat battery, get it on charge over night. The engine management on these cars has a useful feature for clearing a flooded engine.My car wont start, but the engine turns over fine. I have already replaced my ignition control module. I have a mazda miata, recently I have had a new motor put in the vehicle.

Motor and motor only. The can was driving perfect and suddenly shut off while coasting in fith with the clutch out it would not start, apon stoping the car will crank and the engine turns over fine. I can unplug any plug wire and ground it to the block with a spare spark plug in it, there is no spark.

In a haynes manual my coil pack should ohms out between I have replaced my ignition control module wich is on my passenger side fender well, my coil pack is on the back driver side of my engine with my crank angle sensor on my back passenger side of the engine.

Do you. Basics first. Check compression, spark and fuel pressure. Roy Was this answer. I know im getting fuel because I have drove the car and had it shut off on three occassions since this started so compression timing and fuel are not my problems. Was this answer. My coils both read at One of them has to be as it needs all three to start. What is the actual fuel pressure? NO spark on any plug or wire, but both coils ohms out at Without yelling at me, is the camshaft turning, as in the timing belt?

Lol no offense but your obviously not a so called ase certified expert mechanic, because you obviously havn't read the first sentence of anything I told you, im not getting any fire, but its periodically.

Can a camshaft position sensor ever go in and out, and the same with the ecu can I go in and out periodically. Dont mean to be ill but your asking questions iv already answered. Have a nice day, I read everything you wrote. Dustinhughes, yes, actually sensors can go wonky and periodically work and not work. This is usually leading up to a complete failure of the part.

They are usually nothing more than a hall effect transistor triggered by a magnet on the rotating part. Every time the magnet passes the transistor sensor, it's supposed to close the circuit. But the silicon-silicon junction of the transistor can be getting ready to fail completely. Watch the needle or NOID closely. Then do the same on the crank sensor. Let me know what you see or don't see.

The coil pack has 2 circuits, one is the primary and the other is secondary. The secondary cirsuits are within specs but what about the primary? Problem indicates a likely fault with the crank position sensor as that is the one responsible for ignition sparks.Please login or register.

Fifth Gear Posts: My MSM is sitting at Logan's Roadhouse, dead battery i left the headlights onalarm system is clicking I think the horn might be sounding if not for the fact that I changed the horn a couple years ago, which changed the horn's interaction with the security system.

Tried jumping the car, it gets power, but trying to start it with jumper cables only causes the full alarm to sound, car will not start. I'm about to head back up there and try the other key, which someone suggested on an earlier thread. I hate that its sitting up there with windows down, alarm system clicking away.

If you can help or offer ideas, please call my cell, Or my cousin, JehuLava, will be checking this thread, but only occasionally he's kinda busy with a puppy buyer this afternoon if you prefer to just post here. Global Moderator Fifth Gear Posts: You say alarm The factory thing or do you have an aftermarket unit?? Sounds to me like you need to reset the alarm after you have power to the car. I used to have this problem with the Viper alarm in my Dad's truck if the battery went dead.

Restore power, press alarm key a few times until the alarm turned off and acted nice, then started truck. Larry 4 Miatas but who's counting!!

mx5 wont start

All the rest are merely games. Third Gear Posts: Larry - no aftermarket alarm; neither key fob will start car; just a series of quiet beeps and clicks immobilizer? When he turns the key to "ON" position, the clicking speeds up. This is a friend using traveler's sign in. His cousin is going to be mostly unavailable, so call Darryl at with help. Thanks guys.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Hi my 5 will not behave when warmed up.

The fault "feels" electrical, and i have seen some other similar problems discussed on line but with no final solution. MX-5 Lazza 7, posts months. Sounds like the engine temp sensor on the back of the engine is dead and always sending a signal to the ecu that the engine is warm.

New sensor should fix it. Cheap but a bit of a bugger to get to. Sorry, I meant it sounds like its telling the ecu that it is always cold causing it to overfuel.

I'd guess that it is also a bit thirsty? There are other things that can also cause it but that's my first guess. Phil P5 56 posts months. Coil packs on models are notoriously problematic and do fail when 'warm' and return to normality when 'cold'. A temperature sensor would effect the running of all cylinders, not just one, so it is worth pulling off the leads one by one and plugging back in before pulling the next and seeing whether the engine runs the same or falters a little more.

Check again when cold and you should find that pulling the same plug replicates the same condition when hot. I will change the temp senser first and see as it is the cheepest and maybe most akwrd and if no joy try a coil. I had the same with mine, change the green temp sensor at the rear of the engine block and it should sort it. I thought, due to lack of space the sender unit woud be a pain as my 19 mm ring spanner ony just fitted in the space but once loosened undid by hand fine.

Now for a test drive see if it has all been worth it. Tonis 9 posts 97 months.

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